In the third and last issue of our revival year, Thomas Frank tells you how theory met practice in Occupy Wall Street (and drove it out of its mind), Rick Perlstein explains how Mitt Romney lies to be loved, and David Graeber asks whether it’s possible to think that you believe something when, in fact, you don’t, or to think that you don’t believe something when, in fact, you do? (Answer: yes and yes.)

The issue delivers original writing on politics, culture, and media by Will Boisvert, Ana Marie Cox, Barbara EhrenreichBelén Fernández, Chris Lehmann, Jason Linkins, Josh MacPhee, Jim Newell, Alex Pareene, Dubravka Ugrešić, and Eugenia Williamson—plus stories, poems, and graphic art by some of the best writers, poets, and illustrators around. And finally, we bring you a previously unpublished waking dream by C. Wright Mills, “If I Were President.” Well, what would you do if you were president?


Publication date: November 2012
Pages: 168 pages