The Baffler no. 6

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Dark Age / December 1994

Thomas Frank’s “Why Johnny Can’t Dissent” is a once-in-a-generation lament that made punk rockers everywhere gasp at the futility of their attempts at rebellion. Meanwhile: Keith White turns his guns on Wired Magazine, Stephen Duncombe subjects himself to corporate edutainment, and Seth Sanders braves the theme-restaurant wasteland of Chicago’s River North. Joanna Coles describes the collapse of publishing while Charles Bernstein finds a few signs of life. Will Boisvert decodes the management theorists. Tom Vanderbilt bemoans the imperial arrogance of advertisers. David Berman recalls his time as a security guard at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Produced in Chicago in December 1994.

Publication date: December 1994
Pages: 192 pages
Format: eBook
Publisher: The Baffler

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