The Cultural Miracle  / February 1996

“For all its great cable channels, the excellent new global cyber capitalism is turning out to be a lot like the simple, grinding, exploitative capitalism of a hundred years ago,” writes Thomas Frank in the lead essay, in which he begins to explore the ways we deceive ourselves about our basic economic interests. Mike Newirth pours a nice frosty cosmo for the 1 percent, while Tom Vanderbilt calls Skyy vodka’s marketing efforts “a Reaganite shibboleth charted in the barroom.” Aaron Cohen praises thirties band-leader Artie Shaw; Artie Shaw remembers dealing with the music industry in the thirties. Gary Groth reads Quentin Tarantino. Daniel Harris writes about gay porn in the age of AIDS. Produced in Chicago in February 1996.

Publication date: February 1996
Pages: 128 pages
Format: eBook
Publisher: The Baffler